Founded in 1947 in the South of France, the Société Industrielle de Confiserie (S.I.C.) is a family business still run by its founders,in the same little Provencale village and specializing in pocket confectionery and traditional sweets.

Thanks to the originality of the products, the careful selection of the best essentially natural ingredients, our continuing quest for innovation, we are appreciated by gourmets around the world and our products are distributed in over 30 countries!

Thus, for 60 years, the company caters for the tastes of children and adults, thanks to its vareied product selection such as, the ‘Rendez-Vous’ range of candies, the refreshing  selection, the ‘Rigolos’ special candies for children or the ‘Blocs of Vosges…’ In all, there are over 50 different products to taste and once you try them, you will always want more.

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SIC Confectionery's story

During the war, with his italian origins, Paul Torassa was running a pasta factory in the south of France, in Nice.

Very fond of licorice and shaken by the war and its repercussions, he decided to smoothen the psychological wounds with his favorite treat. He decided to put some licorice into one of his pasta machines; a licorice spaghetti came out, then cut it into small pieces; the licorice candy was created. And this is how, in 1947, Paul started manufacturing candies, and especially: the  Licorice Pastille.

He founded this same year the Confiserie SIC.

One of the first product of the Confiserie SIC knew a immediate success.

Indeed, “Mental” was the flagship product of the confectionery during several years. Paul, declined this product into several others, especially thanks to the sugar coating process.

Mr Torassa, helped by his two sons; Jean-François and Gérard, kept on creating and purchasing new products; “Les Rendez-Vous” in 1976 and “Les Blocs des Vosges” in 1978.

Thanks to its several products and its notoriety, the Confiserie SIC got the interest from bigger companies; In 1986, the Confiserie SIC became a subsidiary of the DANNON group under the brand of «La Pie Qui Chante ».

Despite adventures such as the fire of the building in 1994, the confectionery wished to keep its authentic and family atmosphere, and decided to take back its independence in order to redevelop its own brands. The Torassa sons bought back the family business in 1997, and created the “Mountain Secret” range.

Production Methods

Our company produces the entire range of products in Contes, in Nice countryside. SIC Confectionery is one of the last french candy factories, and is located in the heart of Provence.

The production of each candy is different and needs precious precautions. However the general making process is still typical in order to save a full-flavored and master recipe.

We use different production process for each range of products. Then, the production methods of Rendez Vous drops will be different from the production methods of Rendez Vous Mini candies or Rigolos straws.

But there is a commun point in all the candies we produce : we make our candies with good ingredients, which are rigorously selected, in order to satisfy our clients everyday.

Keen on offering high quality products and to control every steps of the making process, we are creating our packing material in its entirety; our metallic boxes and plastic packagings (boxes, straws...) are entirely produced in our factory.

Our Team

All the SIC Confectionery team is committed to offer you the best experience ever when tasting their candies!

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With our complete and original lines, our flexibility and our competitive offer, SIC Confectionery is a dynamic and innovative player in the market for small pocket confectionery.

Suitable for different types of businesses (bakeries, tobacco, delis, pharmacies, and convenience stores) our products bring a complementary offer with nice flavors and original packaging.

Today, thanks to our expertise and experience over 65 years,

We can offer high quality sweets, and always at the best price ...

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