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In few words :

- French company founded in 1947 and located in the nice village of Contes in south of France, close to Nice

- More than 60 years of experience and know-how in the field of confectionery

- Independence: Autonomous and controlled production

- International reputation: present in over than 30 countries

- Different ranges: adult, child, organics and sugar free

- Good value-price: rigorously selected ingredients, no animal fat, Ecocert certifications


Our Refreshing Pastilles :

Created at the beginning of the century from an original and natural recipe, which has remained unchanged since then, these pastilles are appreciated for their freshness and low calorie content.

They are now declined into 16 flavors, including sugar-free and organic.

Rendez Vous pastilles are presented in a refined and elegant metal tin.


Our Rendez Vous Mini Candies


Those candies are full of fantasy.

They have the shape and colors of the fruit of which they have the natural taste.


In their little metal tin, the Rendez Vous candies are available anywhere for a minute of relaxation...

Healthy and natural, these sweets come in more than 15 different flavors, classic, sugar free and even organic.

Discover our Merry Christmas collection for end of year celebrations.



Our Liquorice Roots

Carefully selected, our roots of licorice are picked in Middle East, a place known worldwide for the quality of its licorice roots. They are then sorted and packaged in our factory, to find you, and get well-being and pleasure.



Our Children range


Since 2005 and the redemption of the Marseille St Michel Confectionery, Confectionery SIC has a range greater for children.

Discover the famous "Tubes Rigolos" straw, its refreshing powder; lemon, cola and strawberry will surprise you. You could also treat yourself with the “Bottles” of multicolored marbles or the dangerous sharpness of the "Devil's pills"

Fun and colorful products, such references exist in various flavors and packaging.



In short

With our complete and original lines, our flexibility and our competitive offer, SIC Confectionery is a dynamic and innovative player in the market for small pocket confectionery.

Suitable for different types of businesses (bakeries, tobacco, delis, pharmacies, and convenience stores) our products bring a complementary offer with nice flavors and original packaging.

Today, thanks to our expertise and experience over 65 years,

We can offer high quality sweets, and always at the best price ...



Our worldwide presence

French products have always been recognized internationally for their quality and refinement.

For several years SIC Confectionery participates in international exhibitions, including the ISM fair in Cologne and the SIAL in Paris, and exports its products worldwide.

You can find our products around the globe, including Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, China, Africa, etc.

You can see on the map below countries where our products are distributed.

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