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fabrication des bonbons

Our company produces the entire range of products in Contes, in Nice countryside. SIC Confectionery is one of the last french candy factories, and is located in the heart of Provence.


The production of each candy is different and needs precious precautions. However the general making process is still typical in order to save a full-flavored and master recipe.


We use different production process for each range of products. Then, the production methods of Rendez Vous drops will be different from the production methods of Rendez Vous Mini candies or Rigolos straws.


But there is a commun point in all the candies we produce : we make our candies with good ingredients, which are rigorously selected, in order to satisfy our clients everyday.


Keen on offering high quality products and to control every steps of the making process, we are creating our packing material in its entirety; our metallic boxes and plastic packagings (boxes, straws...) are entirely produced in our factory.